Friday, October 15, 2004

Shootin' and Such...

Julie can shoot boys and that's a fact. I wish I had scanned a picture of the target she shot back when we took our CCW (Carry Concealed Weapons) course. As is, y'all will have to make do with my details, which you'll likely call lies... but then if I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it either...

To qualify down in Tennessee you basically shoot 40 shots at different distances from a few feet, all the way out to 20 yards or so. I remember finishing up, and thinkin' my target looked pretty sweet, considering I was shootin' ammo that really wasn't my .40's favorite.

That's when I saw Julie walking up my way with that grin... you know the one... the instructer was escortin' her around, looking more than a little stunned. I could tell from the crowd that was gatherin' that my wife had done pretty well, so I figured I better go brag on her... Little did I know.

Those folks were shocked for good reason. What I saw defies description. There were 4 holes in the target... A tight 3 hole group in the forehead of the silohette... and in the center of the chest... where the 9 and 10 rings once were... was a gaping hole. A gaping hole torn by thirty-seven .38 caliber bullets.

JAC saw the target, and I'm sure will be more than happy to chime in. Predictably he'll claim that he taught her to shoot.

We're gonna throw down this weekend out a buddy's place. It's a little early to teach Jeb yet... but... it won't be long now.

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