Monday, October 18, 2004

Kill All the Lawyers

Few professions have done more damage to free society than lawyers. Oh sure, they market their ilk as benign... even benevolent... but that's just smoke and mirrors. I have a special hatred reserved for Lawyers, and Law Schools... I figured this was as good a time as any to spell it out.

You see, the worse off society is, the better off lawyers are. Just as real-estate agents (crooks) work to convince you that selling your house on your own is impossible, so lawyers work to convince you that the law is far to complex for you understand.

Am I the only one here that sees an inherent conflict of interest in having lawyers write the laws?

Maybe now... but there was a time when others were very skeptical of lawyers. In the early 1800's we almost past a Constitutional Amendment that would have prevented anyone with a law degree from serving in any elected office.

The reasoning is simple really. Lawyers benefit from confusing statutes. Lawyers benefit from chaos.

One of the biggest problems today is totally ignored by the media. Lawyers have become a defacto ruling class in our society. The average citizen no longer believes he is qualified to determine what a law says. That's the success of a 200 year old marketing campaign. The lawyers won.

You have to be a lawyer to be elected, and to be a lawyer, you have to go to law school, and let them turn your brain to liberal mush.

There was a time when any literate person believed they knew and understood what the law was. They could read after all. Now? Now no one dares issue an opinion until they hear from their resident expert attourny.

I submit that the whole thing has turned into one big scam. Lawyers, in the guise of congressmen, write purposefully vague law. They don't want you to be able to understand it. Not only that, they also work to convince you that even the simplest worded law is beyond your appreciation.

I think of all the trouble we could've been spared, had one ammendment been passed. Of course... look at all the damage of the 14th caused.... and the 16th... and well... pretty much all of them.

People always ask me what's something they can do to start to change the world. Liberals say recycle...

I say... ol' Bill was right. When it's time to start shootin'... I say we line up the lawyers first. "Repent and give up your Law Degree!"

*** BANG ***


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