Tuesday, October 26, 2004

John Titor

Back in November of 2000, a fella started posting on various public web forums under the name Time_Travel0. His name was John Titor, and he claimed to be from the year 2036. One of the first things he posted was a set of pictures. These showed his time machine (manufactured by GE!) and several pages of its technical manual.

Now normally we'd all just write this off as a hoax and call it a day. God knows that's what I origininally did. I would ask that you read up a little on this though, and consider that if it is a hoax, it is one of the most elaborate, well executed, and well thought out hoaxs ever, and that alone makes it interesting.

Let me give a brief rundown of what John said we were in for, and why I'm writing about this now. Here are some of John's predictions:

(1) The basics for time travel start at CERN in about a year and end in 2034 with the first "time machine" built by GE. (link added)

(2) There is a civil war in the United States that starts in 2005. That conflict flares up and down for 10 years. In 2015, Russia launches a nuclear strike against the major cities in the United States (which is the "other side" of the civil war from my perspective), China and Europe. The United States counter attacks. The US cities are destroyed along with the AFE (American Federal Empire)...thus we (in the country) won. The European Union and China were also destroyed. Russia is now our largest trading partner and the Capitol of the US was moved to Omaha Nebraska.

John's civil war was between the Rural and the Urban. He was known to say that the whole think kicks off in 2004 with major election unrest. It starts slow and builds to what he calls a WACO type event every month, until finally it escalates to open war all over the country.

This sounds pretty much exactly like what I think will happen... I just don't know if its gonna happen right now.

I urge you to read up on this stuff. Not because I think its all true, but because it makes you think.

If nothing else, even the worlds finest skeptics enjoy the worlds greatest hoax.

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