Friday, October 01, 2004


The recent assault from our nameless friend has me thinking of a song I'm ashamed to love...

Well I walked up to the bar
I laid down my platinum card
Then I ordered fifty longnecks for my new friends
Well the barmaid passed them out
And before we chugged them down
I held mine up and Said here's to us and them

Well this blonde slid up to me
Said that was awful sweet
Then I saw her boyfriend As wide as he was tall
Well he broke up our hug
With a six foot, five inch shove
And I found myself slammed up Against the wall

Why does everybody want
To kick my ass
I'm just trying to have a little fun
For all the ones who can't
And just because I kiss the prettiest girls
And I drive my truck to fast
Why does everybody want
To kick my ass?

To John and Big Kenny... My sincere thanks.

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