Friday, October 22, 2004

Jack-Booted Thugs

The thing about non-lethal weapons, is they are only non-lethal when used as directed. Folks in Boston found out this week that when used improperly, they are plenty lethal. I can't even begin to express how furious I am about this.

We're talking about a projectile that's designed to strike a target, and then shatter and soak the target with pepper-spray. All well and good, but can someone explain to me how this ended up hitting a girl in eye?

Oh.. I know... it was an accident. Just like all those cops who "accidently" shoot themselves while cleaning their guns. Funny... I've never heard of anyone but cops falling victim to these accidents.

We hear the Boston Chief of Police claiming that the department will take full responsibility for this. Oh really? By "taking full responsibility" I'm sure what he really means is Plan A. Which is this "We're going to release all sorts of slander about the young woman we killed. We're going to exajurate the crowd's behavior and the urgency of the situation. Then we're going to pretend to investigate, while we give the murderer a few months paid vacation." Plan A is the hunker-down until the media finds something else to talk about plan.

The only thing more predictable than what is going to happen, is what is not going to happen. No charges will be brought against this woman's killer... Not murder and not manslaughter.

See when a citizen accidently kills someone, they go to jail for a long long time. When a cop does it, he gets a paid vacation.

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