Thursday, October 07, 2004


So common wisdom holds that hate and happiness cannot co-exist, that one who has hate in his heart will never be truely happy.

What a load of crap.

Everyone has hate in them. Just like everyone has lungs. It's part of the chasis people. Our emotions are all there, and we deal with the one that bubbles up to the surface at the time.

Think of it a game show wheel. The wheel has all the possible emotions on it, and you deal with the one that comes up. The wheel itself is spun by any number of circumstances, which vary greatly by sex, and by individual.

Let me give some examples:

I got to a Mall: Wheel Spins, lands on "Hate", "Contempt", "Revulsion", and "Discust", or more likely, bounces between those until I leave the mall.

I go for a ride on the CBR: Wheel spins, lands on "Joy", "Excitement", "Fear", "Peace", and "Content", or more likely, bounces between those until I hop off the bike.

Now, the psychobabble community would have us believe that because I hate the Mall people, that I am somehow carrying around some curse that affects me all the time. As if Hate is some consuming mind-virus.

Hate and Anger are not evil any more than Joy is good. They are natural reactions to circumstances. Anger provides a great burst of energy, and can be harnessed to do great things.

Like everything else in this clay chasis we carry around, emotions are tools to be used. The trouble is not deciding which to use, and which to ignore. The trick is to use them all correctly, and not to let them dominate your life.

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