Wednesday, October 27, 2004


"It is perfectly reasonable to hold to and profess conservative social and economic principals domesticly and just as soon have the rest of the world be a US colony." - JACIII

Well now boys and girls.... that's tough to argue with. Personally I perfer "Free Trade with All, Treaties with None." but in absence of that... I'll gladly take Global Domination. In truth I am not in favor of self-determination for all... I only favor it for those with a demonstrated ability to actually govern themselves.

Let's face it... If your kid has a wreck every week... you don't go get him his license just because he turned 16. He has to prove he can drive first. We've got whole continents that have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are incapable of governing themselves... Africa, and South America.

If I had my way, we end all trade sanctions. We'd end all import and export tarriffs. We'd leave NATO and the UN, and we'd declare every treatie we ever signed null and void. We'd pull all of our boys home and get them real jobs where they actually produce something. Then we'd be cookin'!

Of course... Barring that as a possibility... I'd have no problem with us conquering the world and looting it as we see fit.

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