Friday, October 29, 2004


I like rednecks. I like the girls who know all the words to "She thinks my tractor's sexy". I like guys who've got shotguns and trucks. Ya know what ya get with these folks, and you sure know were you stand with 'em too.

The funny thing is... I've got so many friends that aren't like that.

I mean... I still talk to the guys I went to college and to high school with. These folks are still good friends of mine... and they're all city boys. I can only imagine what they think now.

See, I went to high school at Overton in Nashville. As far as government schools go, at the time, Overton was where the rich kids went, or at least that was the reputation. They even called us tea-sippers.

I wouldn't go that far, but my friends were definately city boys, and still are. At the time, I'm sure they figgered I was too. I've always preferred the country, but Nashville was new and it was fun. I liked the guys so I just sort of rolled with it.

The only time those guys would ever see the other side of me was when I'd head up to JAC's. At the time he was re-buildin' his farmhouse and was good enough to let me come "help" and hang out. I doubt I was much help, but we managed to get a bunch o' work done anyhow.

Either way when I'd come home my friends would often comment that I was different. I never noticed myself, but I guess ya never do. After a week or so things would be back to normal, and I wouldn't hear anything about it until the next time I went.

Looking back on it... I was just bein' me.

Time marches on, as the fella says, and I'm still hearin' the same things from them. Now of course it's always in the context of "New Trailor" vs "Old Trailor"... hrmm... see that's my nickname... Trailor. Y'all didn't know that though eh? Ah well... now ya do.

Anyway, New Trailor is into guns and motorcycles. He has a wood shop, and tools, and laughs at men who don't know how to fix stuff. If you can't change your own oil, "New Trailor" is liable to question your manhood. He listens to country music, and generally finds anything "artsy" repugnant.

"Old Trailor" was a city boy. He played tennis and drums. He listened to Rush and Zeplin. He lusted for Corvettes.

I guess the thing that no one knew at the time was... This stuff ain't new.

Part of the reason I've been quietly bummed for the last few days is the realization that my old friends would much prefer to have "Old Trailor" back instead of "New Trailor"... While my newer friends tend to embrace both... God Bless Ya Shane...

So what to do? Hell if I know... But I've got to figure it out... because Julie and I have to decide where we're gonna live... and well... Friends are incredibily important to us... we don't want to settle down in Nashville... Only to find out that the group of friends who used to love us, now really don't like us that much...

Knoxville sounds better and better...

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