Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rough Times Ahead

Around the country we are seeing that this election is clearly far more important to the extreme left, than the extreme right. We've now seen Republican Headquarters attacked in at least 3 states.

It's with a large grin that I watch the peace and love left resort to physical violence. A media whore like O'Reilly will of course frown on all extremists and attempt to lump them all together, but we've yet to see a Democrat Headquarters attacked. God knows the Far Right is better armed.

So, in the coming landslide victory (it is coming and it will be a landslide), the only interesting question to me is, will the left tolerate it? I suggest they will not.

History shows that when things don't go the way the conservatives want, they shake their heads and go back to work. When things don't go the way of the left though, there is hell to pay. Given that things have already turned violent, and they haven't even lost yet, it makes one wonder how far they will go when W wins over 50% of the vote (something Clinton never did).

For all the preperation and talk on the Far Right, wouldn't it be perfect if it was the Far Left that started the war?

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