Friday, October 08, 2004


There seems to be a bit of an on going debate with some friends of mine about the morality of cursing.

The straightest answer I have gotten so far is based on the fact that the words offend people. Now to me this is a totally unacceptable arguement. Depending on the company you are in the words will not offend anyone. Now, is murder any less wrong because the company you keep thinks it's ok? Hardly.

And if offense is enough to claim immorality, then wasn't Christ a profoundly immoral person? He went about offending people continually, and indeed, charged us to do so as well!

Also, let us consider, is morality subject to the whims of society? That's the logical conclusion of the argument. If society decides homosexuality is perfectly normal and should be celebrated, does the act suddenly cease being immoral? What about adultery? Rape?

Until shown otherwise, I conclude that language is a matter of social protocol, not morality. You don't have a right to happily wander through the world without being offended. Now it would be nice if you could avoid such things that are offensive to you, and that's why we have ratings on movies, and FCC broadcast regulations.

Let me finish up by asking you this... Some religious folks are offended at the very presence of pork. Does that make Pork immoral?

There is a difference between impolite, and immoral.

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