Friday, October 01, 2004

Real Friends

So I'm hangin' out at my my place... It's my birthday... I'm alone. Nothing to do. No one to see.

*** Knock Knock Knock ***

Now who the Hell is knockin' on my door at 10pm? The only friends I have in this Godless Hell Hole are Curt, and Erik and Ann. I know for a fact Curt is off bangin' some cute little brunette, and Anne and Erik are at home taking care of their 9 week old baby. Which is exactly where they should be... All three of them... well.. 4 if you count the brunette... 5 if you count the baby...


I put the firearm away when I realized who it was... and I opened the door to find Ann and Erik. These to people, who hate to leave their house, have taken the time to come over and give me a case of Corona. All because I happened to be born on this particular date in 1973.

These two had lots of better things to be doing. Erik has a 30 hour shift tomarrow... and this was Ann's first day back after maternity leave... Still they took the time to go out and buy me some Corona, stop by, and say, "howdy".

So... I hoist one to Ann and Erik. And well... To Curt too. Cause Hell... Were the rolls reversed, I'd be doing the same thing.

As Jamie might say....

Cheers Mates!

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