Thursday, October 21, 2004


I firmly believe that the instinctive love of boots comes with the testicles. I'm not drawing any conclusions here from Vox's love of italian shoes either. That's up to you.

For now, lets talk western...

My favorite pair were given to me by Dad. Tony Lamas... I know there are those of you out there that swear by Dan Post but ol' Tony does me just fine. Comfortable as can be.

I hate to admit it, but the best boot I've ever bought for myself was made up in Canada of all places. Worse yet, it even has a damned froggy named; Boulet. I know... I know... I worry about myself sometimes...

Anyway if you have a problem with western boots ridin' up your heel you might give them a shot. They're damned fine boots, and they're made with a sort of cup that holds your heel real well. I love mine.

Uncle L.B. (Luther Burke) had a pair custom made for his feet. Fella down in Texas done it. That's the way to do it boys, if ya have the time and money that is.

I ain't that particular on skins. Leather is good enough for me. Sure enough eel and lizard are pretty as they can be... and God knows I love the idea of wearin' a damned snake on my feet... Gator would be awesome for certain football weekends too...

What do y'all wear?

Now huntin' and killin' boots are another matter... We'll deal with them directly, on another thread.

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