Saturday, October 02, 2004

Weed-eaters and Logic

This ole boy was goin' back to school, and he needed an elective class to fill out his schedule. He found himself talking to a professor about a class on logic. He was interested, but wasn't real sure what the fella would be teachin'.

The professor said, "Well.. let me demonstrate... Do you one a Weed-eater?"

The Fella: Yessir... Yessir... I do...

Professor: So you probably have a yard then.

Fella: Yessir.... Yisser...

Professor: And if you have a yard, then you own a house.

Fella: Yessir.

Professor: and if you own a house, then you're probably married.

Fella: Yessir.

Professor: And since you're married, I know that you are in fact a hetrosexual. See? All that from a weed-eater!

Impressed, the fella signed up for the class.

A couple weeks later the fella found himself in a bar talkin to his buddies about school. One of them asked about the logic class... He said, "well... its hard to explain... Do you own a weed-eater?"

His buddy said, "Nope"


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