Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Avoiding a ticket: 101

From our beloved Red:

'Bout 1990, I was heading out to a friends house in Canton MI, and was tooling along westbound on I 94 west of Detroit. I was doing about 80-85 and I was late... not for anything important, but was behind schedule. Wayne County trooper come up behind me and pops the bubble and hits the siren. Damn - I'm screwed. So I pull over quickly, and jump out of the car, wallet in hand, walking to the trooper's car - it's broad daylight, so I'm not trying to run away, just not acting normal.

He says - "Get back in the car".

Me, I say, in an out of breath voice and a worried look (I hope) in my eyes "Officer. Girlfriend in Labor. Five minutes apart in Saline. Home Alone." I hand hime my drivers license and then say "Got to get going!! Give me my ticket, but please make it quick!!!!"

He looks at me, gives me back my license, and says "Get going"

I take off doing 80 from the side of the road.

Now, mind you, he could have followed me, but Saline was in the next county. Thinking fast also means thinking it through fast.

This tale is for entertainment dolphins... I mean.. purposes only. Any legal fees or medical bills that result from any attempt to repeat these results will not be the responisbility or Red, this blog, this blogger, blogspot, or anyone else, except perhaps your own dumb ass.

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