Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Post-Modernism and The Third Great Expansion of Islam

OK... Don't get me wrong here y'all.. I'm not trying to raise the level here. But sometimes I put things more plainly than Vox does, and sometimes it's easier to understand. It's not because I'm smarter than Vox mind you, it's more likely the other way around...

So what is Post-Modernism... Well honestly no one knows, but they are having meetings all over trying to figure that out. They may not know what the movement is about, but, I'll be glad to explain it for them.

Post-modernism is a movement that blends perception and reality. There is more than one reality, to post-moderns, and therefore multiple truths. Like it or not, the movement boils down to: "I'm right, Your right, Kum bah-yah". In its own words, the movement rejects extreme faith in any belief system.

Now remember that Post-modernism is apparently rearing its pretty little head at a time when Islam is now well into it's third great wave of expansion. This wave began in Kashmir and has continued on until now throughout the world the Nation of Islam is involved in no less than 30 wars. As of today, the west is not involved in that war. We've been attacked, but we have not yet struck back. What is going on in Iraq is damned to failure. There are three seperate cultures in Iraq, and they will never live together happily in one nation. Staying 10 to 15 years and succeeding is just not going to happen. We can stay there 50 years, and the day we leave, Jihad will declare it a victory. Islam is at war with the West. The West... so far... has been unwilling to fight that war.

It's disturbing to me to watch post-modernism, a movement based on wishy-washy invertebrate thinking, wash through Christianity while the right arm of Islam is raising its bloody sword for the third time. Twice now the Christian West has beaten Islam back. Will we have the guts to beat them back again? Or will we talk about perception and sing, "Imagine", while they cut our throats? Each time our leaders claim that Islam is a religion of peace, we take another step backward.

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