Monday, May 17, 2004

It's not just me.

WARNING: Strong Language Below!!

It seems that I am not the only guy around who's mouth can get him into trouble. This story proves it. Before I get rollin' though, let me give ya a little background. Our hero for this tale is Curt. Y'all should remember him from my motorcycle stories. He works with my wife over at the hospital as an anesthesia resident.

Well anyway.. It had been a particularly shitty day, which in resident terms means Curt had been working about 18 hours. He's was tired, and just wanted to go the hell home. There are a few things that you have to do before you can do that though. You have to check the pre-operation reports for all the people you are gonna work on the next day, and you have to check in your drug box. These are two things that anesthesia residents tend to detest.

Another thing that curt detested in particular was this little gay OR nurse. Seriously. What is it with gay guys and the attitude? This little prick is just flaming, and what's worse, he runs his mouth. He wants everyone to know that he won't take crap off anyone. That's two snaps up in a circle, for those of you keeping track.

Well.. Like I was sayin'... It had been a bad day, and Curt just wanted to go home. He still had to check in his drug box though. The pharmacy that checks the boxes in is right inside the doors to the OR suite. We're talking 4 feet here. Curt had already takin' off his skull cap, but he would only be in there for a few seconds, so he bent the, "All heads must be covered" rule.

Of course.. who would come by but the little prick...

"Exsssssssscussssse me but you have been here long enough to know better than to come in here without a headcover."

Oh goody... Lectured by a gay male nurse... Curt gave him a discussed look and said...

"Yeah. I have. And you've been around long enough to know better than to let another man fuck you up the ass, but ya do it don't ya?"

The pharmacist had to walk away she was laughing so hard, and to this day, that little gay nurse can't look Curt in the eye.

Whenever you find someone who's overly willing to through around attitude, challenge them. Get in their face. It's so much fun to watch them piss themselves and scurry off.

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