Monday, May 03, 2004

Government Schools

Morgantown High school and University High School are, without question, the two best high schools in the state of West Virginia. Academically they do very well when compared Nationally to other government schools in just about every catagory you can think of. If you live in Southwestern PA, or anywhere in WV, you would certainly want your kids attending one of these schools.

Remember that Morgantown is the most 'progressive' town in WV. WVU is here. The town and state spend more money in this county on education than any other, including several that operate many more schools.

So bearing in mind that these are easily in the top 25% of government schools nationally, consider this:

1) Last week several boys ganged up on a girl on a University High school bus, hospitalizing her.
2) Last week a boy stabbed another boy on a Morgantown High school bus.
3) In the last 2 years 8 girls have been raped on property owned by the schools.
4) Do we really need a 4?

I didn't think so. We're not talking about big inner city crime here. Morgantown only has 20 thousand people in the whole danged city. This is what you are exposing your child to in the Government School System. Sleep well.

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