Thursday, May 06, 2004

Ugly Girl Politics
At some point or another you've met the type of girl I am writing about. She's single, and she's bitter. She's out of shape, and bitchy, and doesn't take care of how she looks, and yet, she can't believe she's single. The one thing that strikes me though about her is how much she resents happily married women. Well... Let me rephrase... and I get to do that, on account of it's my blog dammit. She doesn't resent them. She hates them. She hates them for the unforgivable twin sins of being pretty, and happy.

What you don't realize is, I'm not talking about women of today. I'm talking about the women of the 19th century. These are the women, and these are the feelings, that spawned feminism.

You see, if they want to be a housewife, and can't find a man, then something is wrong with them. Ahhh... but if they want to be something else, and society is forcing them to be a housewife, well then... now they are the victim. It not that they can't find a man... it's that they don't want to!

There is nothing wrong with a feminist, there is something wrong with you for pointing out any of her faults. Much like today, there is nothing wrong with a homosexual. If you don't approve its because of a psychological defect in you. You're a homophobe.

Bullshit in italics.

The Feminist Revolution, one of the most celebrated freedom fights in human history, is nothing more than the result of insecurity and typical female cattiness.

A dogwood tree displays some pretty blooms, but dig a little, and it's ugly roots are exposed, still present to this day.

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