Wednesday, May 19, 2004

From the Comments

Nighthawk writes: Since I have a daughter who is almost missionary age, and a son who will most likely go on a mission in about a year, I would then ask, "Is this the way YOU want YOUR daughter or son treated?"

Considering that I find this practice to be counter-productive, I would never send my kids off to participate in it. Knocking on doors just irritates people, and invariably leaves them with a worse opinion of your cause than they started with.

If however I cared so litte for my son's safety, and my church's cause, that I chose to send him off, I would at least send him off prepared. I would inform him that this type of thing is going to happen, and that probably, much worse is going to happen.

I have nothing to apologies for. I didn't threaten these women. I didn't insult them personally. I challenged their faith, and when you knock on someone's door to expose them to your faith, you better be prepared to have that faith challenged in the most extreme terms. If you can't handle that, then you better not be knocking on doors.

I pray that this type of thing is the worst that Christian Missionaries deal with.

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