Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Just what the hell am I?

What do you call a fella that was once a republican, but now believes that he's in fact a citizen of an occupied nation, that lawfully seceded? I've called my self a secessionist, but that's not exacty true, because I don't want the South to secede. You can't secede twice. We're already legally seperated. The arguement that secession is, and was, legal is settled. If it was legal for the states to secede from the country formed by the Articles of Confederation, then it is legal for them to secede from the union formed by the constitution. Oddly enough, the word "perpetual" can actually be found in the Articles of Confederation, and it is conspicuously absent from the second document. Think its ommision was an accident? Thoughout english law, secession has been accepted as legal. What nations accomplish by force of arms, has nothing to do with the law.

I'm not a citizen of the United States, I am a citizen of the great state of Tennessee.

Being a libertarian, or a constitutionalist, or a democrat or republican has no meaning for me. They participate in the policts not of my country, but of the country that illegally occupies my country.

My ultimate wish is not recognition of the C.S.A. and it's right to self-determination. But that can never happen. Self-determination happens is granted only to people who take it. I believe it's time we take back what is rightfully, and legally, ours.

So what am I? I reckon this makes me a Southern Patriot.

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