Sunday, May 30, 2004

Old Friends and Yankee Holidays

Now I know y'all would be suprised to find that I celebrate a holiday that honors the Yankee's who died while raping and pillaging the South. In fact, I don't celebrate it at all. I cannot however, force my wife to work. It just so happens that around this three day weekend, she sandwiched a couple vacation days, a POOF! now we have a 5 day weekend.

The weekend's been spent with the Legendary Shane Smith, his beautiful and charming wife Brooke, and their three fine kids, Cade (6weeks), Logan (4), and Madison (7). Boy's it's been a trip.

First of all, about 2 hours south of morgantown we hit a thunderstorm. Normally drivin' in the rain don't bother me... but well.. it seems that the windshield wiper motor chose this particular time to lock up. You ever tried to change a windshield wiper motor in the parking lot of Advance Auto in the rain? I have. After about an hour and a half the thing was almost disconnected, and I was almost ready to shoot myself. That's when I climbed out from under the hood to find... The rain had stopped. Well... Fine... I'll bandaid it till we get to shane's and we'll fix it there.

We arrived ok, and had a great night there. We hung out with Shane and his family, and Joy drove up to see us, and even Laurie, who could easily be considered the first addition to my harem showed up to hang out with us. Sittin' on the porch, smoking a cigar, drinkin' a corona with Shane and Laurie... Boys I was happy as I could be.

Least I thought I was... But hell.. We hadn't even got to the lake yet!!! Saturday we split time between swimming.. sunnin' our carcasses, tubing, boatin', and stuffin' our faces. A fine time to be sure. I'll type up an adventure or two for ya from the lake... I'm sure you'll be glad to hear about how I nearly died while being drug behind a ski-boat... and about my wife's acrobatics on the waverunner... not to mention Jeb's first boat ride... Man...

I sincerely hope you have had a chance to spend some time with dear friends and family... If not... You still have tonight and monday. Get off the computer and go dammit. Oh yeah, and raise a beer to Nate will ya?

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