Monday, May 10, 2004


I am filled with rage at the Great Stupid, and its invention of this word. There is an on going strategy of the left to associate psychological disorders with political or religous belief. The label "homophobe" is the most agregious example of this.

A psychiatric study by the University of Arkansas proved that no such disorder exists. You see when you get down to start examining something like this you start with the basics. What is fear? There are two types of fear. There is traditional fear, which inspires a flight response, "Get me away from that." Then there is the other type of fear, which is actually revulsion, "Get that away from me."

Now that may sound like splitting hairs, but if you look closely the two are very different. You see revulsion is not fear at all. It's in fact discust. The "Get that away from me" response implys aggression that traditional fear will never generate. Traditional fear instills the flight response. RUN AWAY!

When you see two men making out, is that what you think? Run away? No. You think, "That's sick!". Interprating this as fear is a good way for liberals to make themselves feel superior, but it is also quite dangerous. If you expect someone to have a flight response, and they infact are experiencing aggression out of discust, you have the makings for a nasty situation.

This type of ignorance is all to common on the left.

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