Sunday, May 02, 2004

What Women Want

Actually, our beloved Spacebunny asked what made me think I was such a good catch. While I am stunned that anyone, I'll do my best to pull myself together and formulate a thought.

There. Oh wait... I guess I should post that thought huh? I mean otherwise what's the point of formulating it?

1) Character. So many people mistake this for personality. The two are unrelated. Character is who you are, and personality is who you appear to be. This includes so many traits. Men of Character are a nearly extinct species. These men simply know what is right, and what is wrong. They are predictable. They know how to best handle situations. They put God first, then their family. Their priorities are clear. Their work ethic is undeniable, and their loyalty beyond question.

2) Masculinity. Just by hanging around us, girls feel more girly, and men feel more manly. A macho guy will yell, and prance, and tell you he's gonna kick your ass. A masculine man will not say a word. He will just hit ya, and then drive you to the hospital. We don't talk. We do. We don't whine about it being hot or cold. We just do what ever has to be done. We can fix anything. We can make whiskey, and grow tobacco. We fish and hunt. We know what that tree is by looking. We tie 40 different knotts. We work on our own cars, fix the plumbing, and we may even build furniture. In short, hanging around us a few hours will have you convinced that we can do about anything.

3) Patience. Girls get to go off at the drop of a hat. Men don't. We aren't snappy. We don't fly off the handle because you messed something up. When you get upset in an agruement and you say things just to be mean, we don't respond in kind. That's not to say you win the arguement. Infact, you almost always lose, but you when you lose, you always lose in such a way that makes you respect, and love us even more. Better than all of this, we know you, and we know when you are just looking for a fight, and we never fall for it. When you're tired, and grumpy, and on edge, we just put you to bed and pet on you till ya go to sleep.

4) Affection. When a woman says, "We need to work on our relationship", what she really means is, "We need to sit on the couch and watch tv while you rub my feet, give me a back-rub, and generally pay me attention."

5) Undevided Attention Quota. Man must meet this. All women have one, though they vary greatly. Any man who consistantly meets this quota will be greatly favored.

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