Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Back Surgery and Locker Rooms

I had a micro-discectomy back on March 18th. This isn't a dramatic surgery, but when it's you... well.. no such thing as minor surgery. Esspecially when it involves shaving some bone off of a vertibrae or two. All went well though, and after about three weeks I was healin' up nicely.

The inscission looked pretty good consideriing, and I was up and about and basicly in no pain. That was when DrWho decided we should go for a swim. I wasn't really up for a swim, but I would certainly lay around in the hot tub!

So off to the gym we go. We enjoyed the hot tub for about an hour and decided to call it a night. This is where things got interesting.

I walked into the locker-room to get dried off and changed. Same old story, room full of guys trying desperately to not look at walls, ceilings and floors. I went over to my locker and started dryin' off and changing.

Just as I bent over to take off my swimsuit I heard... what no man should ever hear in a locker-room.

"Holy shit dude! Check him out!"

Now understand that at this point I am bare-assed. Nekkid. In the nude, so to speak.

Still nude, I turned around to find out just exactly who it was I was going to have to kill. I look and see this kid staring at me with eyes like saucers and he stammers...

"Shit dude I was talkin' about your scar!"

Much laughter from males all over the room. One of his buddies chimes in, "Crap man.. he was gonna f**k you up.. bahahaha!" Later on one of the guys approached and said, "Man you have that 'I'm gonna break your neck' look down. when you turned around I seriously thought you were gonna kill him... that was awesome!"

And that boys and girls is why one should always choose thier words carefully when in the presence of naked men.

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