Monday, May 10, 2004

girls and girls vs boys and boys

Ok.. so the hot bi-female is the most coveted mate in America today. This is not debatable. It's purely observable reality. Contrast that with the fact that the bi-male is the least desired mate. What's the story?

It's pretty simple really. Women can look at other women and admire them. All women can. This doesn't mean that all women are bi. But in this way they are different from men. Straight men cannot for the life of them see what is attractive about other men. They see lumpy, hairy, oddly shaped bodies, and that's all. Men are physically repulsed by the sight of other men, in sexual context. It's not pretty. Girls on the other hand see women sexually and it's fun. They can appreciate a little hottie like any guy can.

All this leads to a pretty simply place. Two girls can do just about anything girls can do together, and both still be very feminine. However... there is no way for two guys to *** SHUDDER*** do stuff... without looking feminine. Feminine guys are discusting.

That is it really.. two girls kissing is feminine. Girls are attractive when they are feminine. Two guys kissing? also feminine. Guys are discusting when they are feminine. All neat and tidy.

Some would also argue that the fantasy element is also at play. More men think about having two women, than women think about having two men. There could be some validity to that statement... but these days, there are a lot of women who think about that same "manage ahhh three".

Ok... I'm apparently going to hell now...

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