Monday, May 03, 2004

Hand it over Linus

Having watched conservatives object for Vox's fight from the Replican Party for more than a year now, I can say that there is theme among the complaints. These good folks have had a security blanket, and they don't want to give it up. In their view, America is not broken, only infected with a disease called liberalism. If the cure for the disease, Republican power, was ever sufficiently applied, the disease would be eradicated, and we'd all live hapily ever after.

The problem is, that the cure has been applied, and it didn't work. In fact, there is no evidence of change at all.

It's like a family watching over their matriarch who has a terrible infection. They try several anti-biotics, but they haven't tried the biggest-baddest one yet. So the family pretty confident that everything will be ok, because as each of the weaker drugs fail, they know there is another out there. But when the big bad one fails, there is no more. The family then has to face reality.

That's the crux. No one wants to see what's happened for what it is. After seeing behind the curtain, you now wish you hadn't looked in the first place. You'd rather just go on about your comfortable job, in your comfortable house, with your comfortable family, in your comfortable life. All this business about Republicans growing the govenment and taking away freedom isn't comfortable. It's down right nerve wracking. So you choose to ignore it. No one wants to believe that the 2 party system, has become a 1 party system on the fast track to Hell.

The Elephant, like America itself, is broken beyond repair. The Cancer is in the bloodstream. There is nothing to be done.

Keep your powder dry.

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