Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Other Side of Prison Abuse

There is a local aspect to the Iraqi prison story. One of the boys being court-martialed is the nephew of a local fella. His uncle is providing local media with lots of evidence to suggest that things may not be what they seem. The boy in question (Chip Fredrick) started working as a guard at the prison in Dismember, I mean, December. The family has personal letters from the guy though, in which he claims that he's not in command at all, that actually Military Intel is running it. These letters were written and recieved long before any of the abuse stories broke.

According to Fredick MI was in total control of the prison. Areas 1A and 1B were restricted areas, and it was in those areas that the abuse took place. He says that he was ordered by MI to take the staged photos, so they could use them to scare new prisoners into cooperating. Fredick says that at least two iraqis were murdered by MI. He says they were brought it to the prison, but never assigned ID's or prison numbers. There was no file created for either. They simply broght them in, interrogated them, and killed them in the process.

Is any of this true? Who knows what a guy might say once his ass is in a sling. I can certainly see some MI mid-level officer who was fed up with the PC way the war was being handled, going a little old school. Especially if he had seen action, or knew someone who'd been killed.

This doesn't excuse anyone from anything. I still see no reason to think that this went any further up the chain than that though. Unless you count the brutal incompetence of a particular female general.

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