Thursday, May 13, 2004

Pet Store Fun

By now some of you may have seen the two new links. Jones you've all met, and you've read some of Shawn's posts here and there to I'll wager. I figured I should relate a tale that would sort-of give you an idea about what these two are like... So here goes...

Josh and Shawn are both married to cute blondes. God Bless 'em. Josh's wife, Jenny is from North Dakota, and would fit right in with the infamous Perfect Aryan Bible Study. Jenny's a babe, and Julie and I love her to death.

Shawn, despite his facial defects, revolting personality, and poor hygene, married well too. That however is another story. Suffice it to say that his wife Leslie is truely a doll. Sweet-and-innocent to the core. She's a babe, and Julie and I love her to death. Remember that sweet-and-innocent part though... it's key.

So one day these two happy couples are out messin' around, running here and there, and generally enjoying themselves. For some unknown reason they decide to stop in pet store. The split up to see about getting what needs got in the most efficient manner possible and soon enough it's about time to go. Josh and Jenny can't seem to locate Shawn and Leslie though... After walking around the store abit they find the couple standing in front of the rat cages.... looking confused.

They walk up behind them and ask what's up.

Leslie says, "Well we're lookin' at the rats.. but this one here.. he has something wrong with him... I mean what's that? It's like a tumor or something..."

Then of course.. Beloved Jenny... Unintentionally playing the role of Nate, chimes in with a line that shall be passed down for generations...

"OH MY GOD! Those are his BALLS man!"

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