Thursday, May 13, 2004

More fun at TTU

This is a another long story, on a day that's been filled with long stories. I figure I'll take it easy on you boys and see if I can trim this one down.

This tale begins in my second semester of college. I was a music major at TTU. I was in the drumline there, and for the most part I was hating life. I met Josh (The Jones) there, and I had some friends in from high school around, but for the most part I hated the music department. The guys were all hippy types, and the chicks were well... ugly. So as you can imagine, I was... anti-social.

I participated only when I was forced to. I went home every weekend. I was never seen hanging around with music types, and as you would expect, the guys in the drumline really didn't like me.

Ah.. but then a fine day came. There was a high school music festival that was being hosted by TTU, and I knew a certain hot blonde that would be there. I stayed around that weekend, and paid particularly close attention to the try-outs to make sure I knew which of the 4 honor bands this particular hot blonde... Julie somebody... was going to be in.

You can imagine the shock on the percussion instructors face when I showed up at the volunteer meeting and said, "Hey, I'd love to help out band 3." Apparently it never occured to these morons that I had an alterior motive. Either way, they were happy to have my help and I got the job instructing band 3.

As luck would have it I was paired with one of the few guys in the drumline that I actually liked. Jay. An impossibly shaped human male. He was pointy, yet spherical, and a little lumpy here and there. He was funny as hell though... and full of useless trivia. Josh and I called him the Oracle.

At Band 3's first rehearsal I found myself sitting in an auditorium next to the Oracle. We were making small talk when he said what we both were thinking. "Man... they are high school chicks.. but some of them are really hot."

I responded to this in the only way I could. "You see the 1st chair flute?"

"Yeah... she's hot dude.."

I smiled an evil smile, looked Jay in the eye and said, "I'm gonna have her."

Jay laughed the laugh of a man who's just been lied to. About that time the director announced it was break time. I looked over at the Oracle, and patted him on the back and said, "Watch and learn boy."

Jay then sat in his chair, and watched as I walked up to that hot blonde first chair flute girl and struck on a conversation. She smiled and laughed and we talked a bit, and then we walked out. The Oracle was mystified.

Looking back, he wasn't much of an oracle. Because what he didn't know is I already knew the girl. Julie and I had met at her highschool band camp over the summer, and basically spent a whole week hanging out and flirting with each other. To the Oracle it looked like I walked up to a stranger and she started flirting with me hard from the get go, when in fact... it was clearly a stacked deck.

We hung out quite a bit together on that Honor Band weekend... then some months passed.. then some phone calls.. then before you know it... We ended up on a first date that lasted 48 hours.

Jay... if you ever read this... Gotcha!

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