Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Women: Episode III

So why do women cheat?

Nothing kills a man like cuckholding. A wife who cheats on her husband has de-manned him. Ahhh... but boys.. if you've been cut.. I suggest you move on... because I'm fixing to poor some salt into that wound.

Find me a woman with a jealous husband, and I'll show you a woman who either already has cheated on him, or very soon will cheat on him. By the way, this is not a chicken and the egg deal. Jealous men are jealous by their very nature. They are insecure, and as I said before, few things are as repugnant to a woman as an insecure man.

When you show jealousy, you expose your insecurities, and this is someting akin to wiping A1 sauce all over your neck and going to visit the local pitbull.

Boys women are security based. They want to know you're strong. How do you find out if something is strong? You test it. This is the cuckholding instinct that JAC4 talked about. When she starts that sort of thing, you need to know what she's doing and why, and respond appropriately. Her job as a wife is to build you up, and strengthen you, but like anything else, she's going to test the progress every so often. When your woman starts talking about another guy being hot, you should never act like it bothers you, esspecially if it does. The best thing to do is to laugh and make a joke out of it. "Ya like him do ya? He make ya think things?" At that point you've shown no fear, and thus she's happy and will go on about her business. Making some comment about killing the guy may seem like a good idea, and women will even laugh about that like it's cool for a while. They do like to know they are valuable, but eventually they'll see it for what it is, which is insecurity, and then you're back to the pitbull again.

I'm not saying this tsting is a desirable trait mind you. Frankly, it's annoying as hell, and you're best bet is to find a woman who does this the least.

So why do women cheat? Simple. You became either so unnatractive through showing your insecurity, or you consistantly failed to meet her Undivided Attention Quota. What's that?

I haven't addressed the Undivided Attention Quota? Well shit...

It's like this... Every woman in the world has a meter. Think of the meter as being divided into thirds. To the left is 0-33 and it's red. There is a green section in the middle with 34 to 66,and another red section from 67 to 100 on the right. There is a needle that needs to be kept in the green at all times. If it goes to far left, you aren't giving her enough undivided attention. If it goes to far right, you are getting on her nerves by being around to much and invading her personal space.

Every girl has one of these. The important thing is to figure out where the green is for her. Some girls are way low maintenence and have a very low undevided attention quota. Other girls are the opposite. Sure as anything though... if you consistantly fail to meet the quota... she will make your life miserable.

Of course... all of this is assuming you didn't just pick out some whore... which in the case of cheating women... is always a possibilty. Nothing here excuses the behavior, it just shows the underlying motivation. It's not your fault that she cheated on you. She's still responsible for her actions... but it was probably your dumb ass that lead her to do it.

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