Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Government School Stupid

So as we can expect, the Southern Baptists always have to one-up the UMC at their convention. We come out against same sex civil unions, and they are proposing a resolution to pull all SBC kids out of government schools. Man... How much would that rule? White Buffalo would be pissed!

So let's just pick one truely stupid topic. Illegal Immigrants, for example. Our taxes are raised almost every year for better schools. We are assaulted daily with the screams of financial doom in our school systems. With that in mind consider that we are educated millions of illegal immigrants who do not pay taxes. This is insane! It is illegal for a teacher to ask for proof of legal residence. It's illegal for a teacher to report a kid to the authorities. Worse yet, these kids are abused. They come to school beaten and starved. We feed them, and send social works and police, and nothing is ever done.

We're spending billions on this crap, but when a girl from italy tries to immigrate legally, it costs thousands and takes 8 months.

I don't hate America. I just can't find it.

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