Wednesday, May 26, 2004


In response to my thoughts on women L writes:holy have got to be kidding me. have i stepped back into some kind of alternate bizzarro world where people actually assert things like "women want men to make decisions for them" and "women are confounded by machines" and "women don't ever want a man to show insecurity"?

gee...i would LOVE to live a life where i just sit in the corner with my mouth shut, try to look as pretty as i can, and wait for the almighty male figure to tell me what i ought to think and do. i'd hate for him to admit that he is - in fact - human. nope...i'd rather him pretend to be a superhero. i like lies.

such stuff perpetuates a world of stereotype, illusion, and false reality. do we really need to continue to put each other down and act like it makes our lives SOOOO difficult? have we not yet reached a place where we can try to communicate and learn from the differences that do exist?

I just knew you kids would love reading her thoughts as much as I did. I must say it's one of the funniest things I've posted in a while...

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