Monday, May 10, 2004

MailNate.. or something

The Legendary Shane Smith writes: What gets me is when they try to say they were born that way, it's in their genetic code. Such thoughts for one who studies Christianity are absurd, why would God create a genetic flaw and then label it an abomination.

Rare indeed is the day when I shall disagree with the Co-Founder of the VRWC. However today is one such day. Alcholism is indeed genetic. About this there is no doubt, and yet, alcholism is a sin. About this there is also no doubt. Therefore God specifically gave alcholics a propensity for a specific sin. Now you boozers out there, don't feel special. In fact He have given each of us some propensity towards one type of sin or another. Maybe even several. Examine your own life and tell me if this is not true.

At anyrate, claiming that God made you this way, and therefore its ok is silly. God made us all the way we are. A psychopath was born predisposed to dismemberment, does that make it ok?

Is it genetic? I dunno. I certainly wouldn't be suprised. But lets look at both options:

1) Not Genetic: If this is the case the homosexuality is nothing more than a glorified fetish and should be treated as such.

2) Is Genetic: If this is the case then homosexuality is a terrible disease, and like many renders its victims detestible to society, like lepers. But as Christians we must work to heal this disease medically. We must also show compassion to those who suffer from it, while not condoning or making excuses for their actions. We don't let psychopaths run amock, but we still show them christian love and pity. The same should be true of homosexuals.

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